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Club Competitons

Finals week commences August 28th 2023 and you need to be available for this week. The Sundays before and after this week may be used if the weather is bad.


Fiona Charlton organises the open ladies' knockout competitions where the finals are played in the club's finals week.

Paul Charlton organises the open men's knockout competitions where the finals are played in the club's finals week.

Richard Tweddell organises the veterans' competitions which are usually played on a Saturday each month (dates in the handbook), as well as the veterans' knockout competitions where the finals are played in the club's finals week. For some of these competitions your playing partner is picked at random. Richard's contact details are in your handbook in the section headed 'Saturday Competions'.

Typically, with the men, there is a backlog of knockout rounds to get completed before each round's deadline. This year the finals are a week earlier so there will be less leeway for allowing people to complete their rounds late. So please avoid the risk of being knocked out due to running out of time by making arrangements to play as soon as possible. It is usually the player who is named first in a match who offers dates and provides a marker where needed but there is nothing to stop either player making arrangements in order to complete on time. The triples and pairs matches are hardest to arrange so please concentrate on getting these organised!!

Please help your clubmates by offering to mark matches, when needed and if you have benefitted from someone marking in one of your games then make sure to return the favour.

Internal Club Competitions: Text
Club members' competition draws

All information below is duplicated in the locker rooms along with additional contact forms for you to complete so people can organise matches with you. 

CLICK HERE for information about the different men's competitions.

Please do not delay in arranging matches so they are completed by the due dates. 

You could be defaulted if matches are not completed in time with the onus being on the first team/person named to offer a selection of suitable playing dates.

Please arrange your games promptly and ensure you add the match score along with the winner to the sheet in the left-hand locker room.

Top named player in a match should select 3 of the numbered counters found hanging in the shed (or 2 if the rinks are busy) and allow their opponent to draw for the rink
to play on. The top named player finds a marker, when needed. Defeated players should offer to mark the next round.

There is a sheet in the locker room for you to put your contact details, if you wish. If you don't know how to contact your opponent, email and ask for information about contacting your opponent.

Competition draws - click the links below to see who is playing who and dates to complete each round. FYI - the draws were done by listing all entrants on a spreadsheet, setting it to hide them from view and then getting them in the order of play by allocating a random number to the unseen names and sorting them in numerical order. The players' names were then revealed.

More competition draws will be added over the next few days. The aim is to have all the men's competitions this week on this website and with details replicated in the left hand locker room.


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